So who is Jesus? The volume of opinions written on this question has drained many ink pots, split many quills and even today, continues to wear out many keyboards.

Some say Jesus was a great teacher and healer. Others say he was a religious man who wasn't stuffy, self-righteous or, well... 'religious'. Yet some have been far less generous in their opinions. They claim he was a liar, a lunatic, a legend who should be left in the past when humanity needed fairy tales to make children feel safe at night.

The Bible says something completely different — Jesus is none other than God himself. Not just one of many gods to choose from, but the one God who created the universe, and continues to be actively involved in the lives of everyone in it. This means He is active in your world and your life too. Sadly, many people have not known God, with some believing that He is but a figment of the imagination.

So Jesus came to Earth to show us who God really is, and to restore a good and loving relationship between us and Him. He did this by dying on the cross that first Easter, and continues to call all people, people like you, to know and relate to Him for who He really is. That's who the Bible says Jesus is.

So what about you, who do you say Jesus is?